We hear the drumbeat at every conference: Print is dead. Speaker after speaker repeats the mantra. It is treated as fact. It’s obvious. It is imminent. Run from print before it drags you under!

This notion is so pervasive that people are afraid to confront it for fear of looking silly. It is never challenged. An entire industry of publishers and journalists has failed to check the facts and consider the alternatives. Shame on us.

There is absolutely no evidence that print is dead. It’s fiction. But a decade of treating our print products like a disease is killing us.

What if this mantra is just a myth?

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"It’s important to push the needle further when it comes to equipment productivity, print quality and operational efficiency. Reducing our legacy costs and our environmental impact are important aspects of keeping print alive and well."


“Almost none of the decisions newspapers have made in the past decade had anything to do with our readers. All our decisions are based on cost savings and most are anti- reader. I would argue that we caused much of our decline, not our platform.”

Bill Ostendorf
Creative Circle Media Solutions

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MW Stange, LLC

“While the web has provided us with tools that help us sell better, it has also enabled the competition that is taking away huge chunks of business.”


“We’re asking our sales teams to sell an ever-widening array of products and too often don’t give them the tools to succeed in selling them.”


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